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Types Of Funding

The Finbus Difference

Every business desires individual attention based on their specific needs. We do not attempt to make the client fit an existing program. Ideas and solutions are tailored to the needs of the client

of Client

Ideal Startup

Someone within a idea/concept, strong desire to be an entrepreneur willing to learn what they don’t know and to take action (willing to do what needs to be done)


Entrepreneur that realizes there is a problem/pain/situation/growth need within businesses and willing to admit. A fresh look would be beneficial.

Facing the unknown, apprehensive, risk averse:

  • Financial confusion, lack of planning, tax risk, need to negotiate with vendors, how to price and compare, proper book keeping
  • Risk management: Employee handbook and regulations, over or under insured,
  • Backend organization, systems, SOPs
  • Relationship management: business partners, family ownership, key stakeholders,


Any business that realizes funding of one type or another will be necessary to grow (but does not wait until they need it)

  • Construction/Contractors
  • Equipment Needs
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Service Industry
  • Healthcare

Types of Funding

Secured LOC
Unsecured LOC
Working Capital
Commercial Mortgage
Bridge Loan
Venture Capital
Equity Financing
SBA Program
Merchant Financing
Angel Investors
Consumer Financing Programs
Construction Loans

We Make Wise Investments!


“Gene & Finbus are very well connected within the Lehigh Valley and are incredibly resourceful in coming up with innovative solutions. They are masters at networking and are always watching out for ways to help their clients through their vast network. Great people to work with!”

John Bell
Hot Shot Cleaning & Forever Floors

“Gene is a great guy; has helped me with Marketing and operational procedures. I need to rekindle our relationship. ”

Roy Hollabaugh
Odhner Corp, Sky Board Eraser

“Finbus helped to organize our business procedures, restructure our charges, review lease agreements, and much more, which lead us to be able to secure a working capital loan to grow our auto service business.”

Chris and Jessica P.

“Finbus helped to prepare us by attending various ANIZDA meetings, organizing our records and advocating on our behalf with a number of banks throughout PA, NJ and DE for the funding we needed. to renovate the Americus Hotel. Eventually a bank was willing to get to know us, understand the project and provide the funding we needed. I would like to thank Gene and Laura for believing in what we wanted to do and standing by us for the time it took for me to secure the funding.”

Albert Abdouche


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