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Webster says: “one who gives professional advice or services”.

This can start with discussing the process of starting a new business or discussing a specific problem or a series of problems within an existing business in an effort to derive a solution.


Webster says: “to instruct, direct, or prompt” at times this may be more beneficial for a client.

They have the skills but need guidance to certain aspects of a function or process. Success has a direct correlation to the amount of time, effort and money a person puts into a viable product or services, Finbus is here to encourage positive behavior to increase the possibility of a positive outcome.

Business and Operations Plans

We can review what is already written and recommend updates, advise on how to write one or in conjunction with you, one of our professionals will write a plan for you.

Budgets and Finance

Analyze, help to develop, clean up, make fit GAAP standards. Keeping accounting and finance records clean and legal is one of the most important things a business can and needs to do.

Professional Services and Vendors

With business contacts across the United States, we will help locate local vendors and other professionals we feel comfortable recommending to our clients.


There are over 20 different types of funding products available. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which type if right for your business and your needs, luckily, funding is one of our specialties. We’ll walk you through deciding which options are right for your business. Then preparing to seek it can also be confusing and time consuming. We can help by introducing the options. Should you lease or purchase equipment or building? Working Capital Loan or Line of Credit? These are just a few examples that can make a big difference in how much it is going to cost you to “rent” money and potentially what you may pay in taxes. 

Podcasts & Video Series

In the near future, we will be introducing our educational finance series which will cover many of the kitchen table  topics of the day. Insurances of all types. financing a car or  home. how to save without realizing it and many more topics to improve the personal financial picture. Business topics will include funding the business, payroll, insurance and why. productivity. ethics and much more.

Startup Assistance

Maybe you just want an independent opinion on your idea, or you are ready to move forward and need help with the process, but don’t know where to start. We’re here to help you through your new venture.

Bookkeeping Services

Tired of both working in and on your business? Our bookkeeping services can relieve you of  these responsibilities. We can do as little or as much as you want to allow you to use this time for personal time or to build your business.

MBO Services

Our Managed Back Office Program (MBO) can be customized to meet your needs. It can include all of our all of the services we provide along with managing your contracts. insurances, leases. loans and more. We would meet with you on a regular basis to discuss issues. review your financials and much more.

The structure of every business can be compared to the blueprints of a house: the foundation, the walls, the electrical work, the plumbing. Each aspect is important and comes together to create a home.

Business and Operations Plans

At times people find it difficult to write plans in a conservative manner, emotions get in the way. We can either help you write them or with your input writing them for you. Can you start your business with some notes on a napkin? Yes, but at some point, you will need to formulate both.


Technically there should be two budgets. A startup budget to know what your need to spend prior to hanging up the open for business sign. The second is the income and expense budget to know where you are financially every step of the way.

Marketing Plan

Researching your customers and their demographics creates the basis of a marketing plan. It’s easy to think social media as your first option but is it the best way for your business?


We have numerous resources available such as attorneys. insurance brokers. investment advisors. website developers and others to help you grow your business. We are also more than happy to work with any professionals you already have a relationship.


“Gene & Finbus are very well connected within the Lehigh Valley and are incredibly resourceful in coming up with innovative solutions. They are masters at networking and are always watching out for ways to help their clients through their vast network. Great people to work with!”

John Bell
Hot Shot Cleaning & Forever Floors

“Gene is a great guy; has helped me with Marketing and operational procedures. I need to rekindle our relationship. ”

Roy Hollabaugh
Odhner Corp, Sky Board Eraser

“Finbus helped to organize our business procedures, restructure our charges, review lease agreements, and much more, which lead us to be able to secure a working capital loan to grow our auto service business.”

Chris and Jessica P.

“Finbus helped to prepare us by attending various ANIZDA meetings, organizing our records and advocating on our behalf with a number of banks throughout PA, NJ and DE for the funding we needed. to renovate the Americus Hotel. Eventually a bank was willing to get to know us, understand the project and provide the funding we needed. I would like to thank Gene and Laura for believing in what we wanted to do and standing by us for the time it took for me to secure the funding.”

Albert Abdouche


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