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Success has a direct correlation to the amount of time, effort and money that a person puts into a viable product or service.

Finbus Group, LLC was born out of Gene DiPalma’s thirty years as a serial Entrepreneur and a strong desire to help others to realize the satisfaction of business ownership without some of the trials and tribulations.

Not every business was a financial success. A few provided very valuable lessons that helped to make the next endeavor more successful. In fact, more education came from the College of Hard Knocks than any textbook provided while study for his bachelor Degree is business

So, for the last twenty years Finbus has been helping Entrepreneurs to avoid some of the pitfalls and in many cases help them climb out of the pits they fell into.

From helping a client develop a business plan to obtaining funding they may need Finbus has assisted clients in making their business ideas into reality.

Laura DiPalma started her education in business in 2002, taking a variety of business management, accounting and marketing classes. In 2019, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Finance, graduating suma cum laude. Her ability to work through hard problems, find the solution then help execute the solution is unparalleled.  While Laura was working towards completing her education, she worked on projects for Finbus Group and gained experience in office management and retail management. Her diverse work and education history make her an asset to the Company. 

Between Finbus and their partners there are few situations that cannot be addressed for a client. Sometimes it is necessary for a team to be assembled to address legal concerns, execute marketing plans, and to create consistent accounting principles.


Gene DiPalma and Laura DiPalma

Gene DiPalma

Over 35 years experience as an Entrepreneur in health care, leasing, communications. Have been consulting with small and medimum sized businesses for the last 13 years. Specialties: Start-up process, funding, problem solving, turn around situations, acquisitions.

Laura DiPalma

Director Of Marketing And Business Development
We specialize in business planning, funding, small business loans, business expansion, financial analysis, credit repair, and business rehabilitation.


“Gene & Finbus are very well connected within the Lehigh Valley and are incredibly resourceful in coming up with innovative solutions. They are masters at networking and are always watching out for ways to help their clients through their vast network. Great people to work with!”

John Bell
Hot Shot Cleaning & Forever Floors

“Gene is a great guy; has helped me with Marketing and operational procedures. I need to rekindle our relationship. ”

Roy Hollabaugh
Odhner Corp, Sky Board Eraser

“Finbus helped to organize our business procedures, restructure our charges, review lease agreements, and much more, which lead us to be able to secure a working capital loan to grow our auto service business.”

Chris and Jessica P.

“Finbus helped to prepare us by attending various ANIZDA meetings, organizing our records and advocating on our behalf with a number of banks throughout PA, NJ and DE for the funding we needed. to renovate the Americus Hotel. Eventually a bank was willing to get to know us, understand the project and provide the funding we needed. I would like to thank Gene and Laura for believing in what we wanted to do and standing by us for the time it took for me to secure the funding.”

Albert Abdouche

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