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During the last twenty years Gene T. DiPalma has been working with Entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Drawing from his previous 30 years as a small business owner of numerous businesses he is in a unique position to evaluate, identify and offer solutions.

We Work with Businesses of
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Helping Businesses Achieve Their Goals.


It is important for the startup to understand the various steps involved to get their business up and running correctly and the associated costs. Help is available to develop a business plan, budgets, costing, entity selection and if necessary funding to mention some of the assistance available through Finbus Group. Trying to decide whether to purchase a franchise or start from scratch, we can help with the decision.

Current Business Owners

Every business has growing pains and at times difficulty identifying these issues. Finbus Group provides clear vision into a business making it easier to identify them and offer solutions. The old adage “ to close to the Forest to see the trees” is often the case for entrepreneurs. You are involved day-to-day which sometimes clouds your vision.


It is not advisable to wait until you need funding to seek it. Lenders want to see some financial strength in any business they lend to. There are a number of borrowing strategies that can directly affect the way lenders view your business. Often the funds you believe you need can be found within your business or at least the money that will be necessary to compensate the lender.


Startup Assistance

Finbus brings to you the ability of an advisor and/or advisory team to deliver a full range of financial services and products to your company in a consultative way.


Business Planning & Advisory

You need a financial plan — one that addresses financial needs for every stage of your business life cycle and takes into account your personal financial goals and dreams.


Funding & Financing Needs

Our comprehensive suite of managed account programs, which are designed for various levels of investment experience and sophistication, are here to meet and exceed your funding and financing needs.


Commercial Mortgages

A commercial mortgage is about more than just funding a purchase, refinance, or redevelopment of a commercial property – it is about establishing professional relationships with lenders and/or investors who understand your needs and growth.


Construction Loans

Your construction loan may be looked at as ‘short term’ during the actual build of your project, but your financial needs extend long after building completion. Finbus sets your project for success from the start.


Lines of Credit

A proper line of credit allows a company to expand, grow, and adjust to changing needs and opportunities. Through our partners, your company is matched with the best credit line options available.

There are over 20 different methods to finance a business. At times it may work for a business to combine varies methods to provide the best combination of funds and tax advantages. In many cases we can help identify and secure the funds your business may need. If not we can help you improve the position of your business to secure funding in the future.

As a small business owner your personal credit history can play a role when securing funds, establish new vendors and more. It is a combination of score, utilization and credit type mix, not just the scores. Let us show you how you can, over time remove your personal credit history from many credit decisions made.


“Gene & Finbus are very well connected within the Lehigh Valley and are incredibly resourceful in coming up with innovative solutions. They are masters at networking and are always watching out for ways to help their clients through their vast network. Great people to work with!”

John Bell
Hot Shot Cleaning & Forever Floors

“Gene is a great guy; has helped me with Marketing and operational procedures. I need to rekindle our relationship. ”

Roy Hollabaugh
Odhner Corp, Sky Board Eraser

“Finbus helped to organize our business procedures, restructure our charges, review lease agreements, and much more, which lead us to be able to secure a working capital loan to grow our auto service business.”

Chris and Jessica P.

“Finbus helped to prepare us by attending various ANIZDA meetings, organizing our records and advocating on our behalf with a number of banks throughout PA, NJ and DE for the funding we needed. to renovate the Americus Hotel. Eventually a bank was willing to get to know us, understand the project and provide the funding we needed. I would like to thank Gene and Laura for believing in what we wanted to do and standing by us for the time it took for me to secure the funding.”

Albert Abdouche

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